5. February 2018

Backcountry Ski Tour in Mala Fatra

Good advice, Snilovska dolina!

Snow is enough, only it is needed to come on mountains. We found right way, GPS helped us. We still learn little bit turning at ski uphill. Nice snowing and foggy weather under Velky Krivan didn’t allow us to take more pictures.

Perhaps in the nearest time!

Ricardo & Mireille


29. January 2018

Unforgettable Snow Break Disaster in Tirol

We had again a big luck with everything!

At beginning of our winter holiday snow was so many we couldn’t ski two days. We were not able to get out on the hill to our accommodation. Our car stopped 150 m under parking place and slipped down back. Finally it had to pull out small loader with chains. During two nights fell 140 cm snow. Two days were all valleys around us permanently closed. We heard falling avalanches from our room. During five remaining days weather reciprocated with beautiful sunny days.

Well, we already started to think about the purchase of snow chains!

Ricardo & Mireille


5. July 2017

Two Sunny Weeks on Elba Island

Two Sunny Weeks on Elba Island!

We had this destination planned more years. However we visited this island until this year.

The first adventure was waiting for us at our arrival. The slip road to our accommodation had such steep elevation that my love stepped out of the car at our first exit. For that reason, views on the Tyrrhenian sea from our terrace was beautiful. The advantage of this island is in distances. Although transfers were too slow as it is on each island, everything was close from us. Actually the highest mountainous area with its highest peak Monte Capanne. That is the reason why a lot of people call this island “Small Corsica”.