25. March 2017

Excellent Nordic Ski Season

We enjoyed nordic skiing this year more than downhill skiing!

January was really frozen this year so we rather spent more time with nordic skiing. Mainly our winter holiday in Tyrolia was rich on beautiful mountain nordic ski trails with alpine sceneries. The heppiness with snow condition was again inclined to us. Our planned mountain area which we visited – Kaisergebirge, Silvrettagebirge and Lechquellengebirge had a lot of fresh snow. We were nordic skiing in Tyrolia’s alps 50 km of trails with 1107 m of elevation gain. We thought that we forgot on our downhill ski. :o)

We were nordic skiing two times in Javorniky mountains this winter season as well. However we had only one time a good snow condition for skiing.

Well, the weather is incalculable!

Ricardo & Mireille

7. August 2016

Trip of New Bike Generation

It is reality, next rising generation is here!

So we tested it throughout one common bike trip. Our trip destination was devil’s gate and the mountain valley “Selenec” in Velka Fatra mountains. At the beginning of our trial it was going with big intention to reach our main destination – the devil’s gate. Matej bikes full speed as it was possible. Petka rather followed our female biking group. After reaching of the mountain valley “Selenec” it came a new more popular destination – the refreshment at cottage settlement Gader. At our bike downhill back through Gader valley we achieved the biggest speed. :o) The finish part of our trail was more difficult for our young bikers because there were a few elevation. Therefore we came in to give them a little our help. Petka a little commented her exercise: “if it doesn’t go I will dismount the bike”. Finally it was going well.

  • Number of participants: 6 bikers
  • Trip distance: 50 km (63,5 km)
  • Trip elevation: 520 m (720 m)

Ricardo & Mireille


5. July 2016

Happy Anchoring at Corfu Coast

Driving and anchoring boat is not so easy!

If you want to enjoy a fun rent a boat and make a trip at some sea coast. We decided to test it near by Liapades village at Corfu coast on our holiday. It seems to be quite easy mainly at listening the initial instructions. However the most important thing is to know good places at coast i.e. the bottom of the sea for boat anchoring. Even though our instructor told and show us them on the coast picture but who it has a memory? In addition our helpful coast picture was lost on our board (while our boating). :o) Therefore we used a little improvisation and it was working very well. The first ride and anchoring, excellent job! The further fate anchoring came at the paradise beach. We threw our anchor and it was cared for fun. After our many trials to pull out it we called our instructor for the help. The instructor was not coming longer time, big waves came, our boat began sway and we enjoyd the fun. It started waving vests and finished singing “heeelp-heeelp”. Half of our crew escaped ashore.  Finally our anchor was released with pulling of anchor rope by our boat.

That’s it! :o)

Ricardo & Mireille